Design – Realization

  • App creation and services, programming and development of web-based apps.
  • Management, storage, archiving of digital information. Advanced security systems.
  • Software programming and their implementation, IT support and consulting.
  • Different IT services applicable in different sectors.
  • Website development (WebDesign-Development) and their maintenance.
  • Programming, software, implementation informatics systems and programs (software), maintenance of computer systems and software, assistance and consultancy for the development of computer programs (software).
  • Realization of design, and installation of electronic management, electrical and security systems of buildings.
  • Processing of data on computers and other devices in order to realize services such as website preparation, advertisements, posters, invitations, business cards, and even printing and book binding.
  • Creating lines for assembling computers and digital studios. Provision of spare parts for all types of such equipment and implementation of maintenance, warranty and repair service.
  • Realization of design and installation of computer and informatics networks, and their maintenance.
  • Rental and sale of GPS monitoring equipment and any accessories thereof.
  • GPS monitoring service and any sensors for measuring the supply and distribution of electricity, water supply and distribution, oil supply and distribution.
  • Monitoring fuel consumption and circulation with gps system.

Import – Export

  • Import export, wholesale and retail of electronic items.
  • Import – export of goods and industrial products, installation and related training.
  • Import – export of goods and electronic products, their installation and related training. Attending and providing training and assistance in the field of informatics.

Maintenance Check mark


  • Maintenance of camera systems.
  • Maintenance of gps systems.
  • Maintenance of telephone systems.


  • Sales, installation and training for camera systems and security systems.
  • Sales, installation and training for indoor and outdoor monitoring systems with electronic cameras and sensors.
  • Sales, installation and training for internal telephone systems.
  • Sales, assembly and training of bulk digitization equipment for documents, books and records.
  • Sales, installation and training for traffic monitoring and management systems.
  • Sales, installation and training for parking monitoring and management systems.
  • Sales of computer programs (software).
  • Sale and purchase of IT – information technology equipment such as laptops, servers, projectors, digital cameras, scanners, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.
  • Installations, maintenance of technical and special equipment (civil engineering works, boilers, air conditioners, heating systems, generators, etc. Sale and purchase of vehicles, trucks, cars and their servicing, etc.).
  • Carrying out of commercial activities such as wholesale and retail sale and purchase of stationery items, electrical and electronic household appliances, etc.
  • Sale and purchase of computer systems and informatics in order to use and manage the banking system.
  • Realization of import-export of all aforementioned items. Others according to the legislation in force.

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